3 mean Problems With The Google Pixel phone That Google Can Fix in The Pixel 2

The Pixel is, in many ways, the first true Google phone. There have been Nexus phones over the years, but the device maker always had a large hand in designing and supporting those. The Pixel is a Google show from end to end. HTC only supplied the manpower to manufacture it. The result is a very good phone—probably the best Android phone you can get. There are, however, still some issues that keep people from buying. Here are three problems (based on an informal survey of many angry internet comments) Google can and should fix when it launches the next Pixel.

No water-resistance

The Pixel is a very sturdy phone with a thick aluminum frame and magnesium mid-frame, but get it a little wet and it might not matter. Unlike some other phones in this price range, the Pixel is not water resistant. At least not really. It’s rated IP58, meaning it can take a little splash, but drop it in water or take it out in heavy rain, and you’ll have a bad time.

Pixel side

Pixel side

There are some videos of people submerging their Pixels and wondering aloud if maybe they are secretly water-resistant. That’s not really how water damage works, though. Most problems in modern smartphones exposed to water come in the from of corrosion. That might take a few weeks to happen, but it will happen. Dunk your Pixel, and you’re going to have a bad time.

It’s not like water-resistant phones are rare anymore. Google might have simply been pressed for time when making the Pixel after Huawei pulled out of the program. However, it’s possible to make a phone that looks good and is water resistant. Look at the Galaxy S7. The age of port covers is over. Google needs to step up its water-resistance game.