Apple Inc. may procrastinate the launch of the next iteration of the iPhone series for a month or two due to unforeseen technical issues faced during the production. Generally, a new iPhone is unveiled sometime in September, so this time it may be delayed to October or even November.

The issue is related to the lamination of OLED (organic light-emitting diode) panels and integration of 3D sensing systems. The report emerged on DigiTimes claims ” technical issues related to the lamination process of curved OLED panels, and the adoption of a 3D sensing system may cause the delay of the new iPhone devices”.

Considering the fact that Apple is using OLED panels for the first time on their phones, the report may hold true. However, we need to take the news with a grain of salt, as a behemoth like Apple can quickly turn around the things to meet the expectations. Also, only the expensive model of the iPhone 8 series may actually use an OLED panel.

On other news, Apple has reportedly ordered for 70 million bendable OLED panels with Samsung Electronics, whose stocks soared by 1.5 percent after the news broke out. However, Apple may not use all the panels solely for iPhone 8 but may carry them forward to the next year’s model.
Apple may go on all out specifications blitz with iPhone 8, as it is being released on the tenth anniversary of iPhones. As a result, the iPhone 8 may reportedly cost as high as $800 for the basic variant, and the expensive model may go upto $1000.