While majority of smartphone apps are equally useful for both men and women, there are some that are designed to cater specific purposes only relevant to either men or women.

Members of Gadgets Now’s team have compiled a list of some apps that we think women would love to have on their smartphones.

App that gives driving tutorials: Time and again, you hear a lot of people say how girls are the worst drivers. While there is no logical sense behind it, there is no shutting them up. Regardless, it would be great to have an app with an integrated voice assistant that can use motion sensors to provide feedback in realtime. That way, you don’t really have to hire a “male” driving teacher who thinks ‘Women can’t drive’.

App that reminds you not to overspend: This is something everyone aims to do, not just women – the art of saving and spending money judiciously. Since now, online transactions and mobile wallets have become more popular, there could be an app that can keep an account of user’s mobile wallet. It can be compatible with e-wallet services like Paytm and FreeCharge, so users can set a limited amount to be spent per day or week. And once the limit is crossed, they get notifications. This would not only help in saving money but also keep track of the account.

App that lets you create fake phone numbers: There are times when we have to call someone we don’t want to share our number with. All of us have been in situations where we’ve regretted sharing our number with someone, primarily because of the unwanted calls and texts that come later. So an app that can be used to create fake numbers for such emergency situations would be highly appreciated. It would help if the created numbers are temporary and expire after a set time.

App that suggests what makeup products you should buy: Buying the right makeup products is a struggle every woman faces. There are times when products look great in advertisements, but turn out to be a disastrous in reality. An app that can suggest what makeup to buy based on factors such as skin tone and complexion would be great. It could have the functionality to upload user’s image to work. Are any coders listening?

App that stops you from drunk texting: Heartbreaks and breakups are a part of everyone’s life. Every now and then, people are in situations when they are missing someone they used to know and end up getting drunk. Sending a text to someone unknown may seem pretty harmless at that time but can cause a lot of issues later. An app that stops that from happening would be great. It could automatically get activated at specific times (configured by the user), for example, when the user is going out with friends, and restrict access to messages until that time is over. A password lock functionality would be appreciated too.

 App to know calories burnt while doing daily chores: Juggling office and household is a lot of work. And what would be better than an app that can tell how many calories a user has burnt while handling all the household chores. It could have the functionality to input the task the user is doing and then provide results. This would be super convenient and practical for women who are not able to find time to workout due to busy schedules.

An app that’s also a personal nutritionist: Women would love to have an app that can act as a personal nutritionist. It could help is in maintaining proper dietary requirements and keeping things like body weight in check. The app could also suggest information like customized diet plans and keep track of daily intake of calories. Moreover, if the user is suffering from any health issues, the app should be able to recommend healthy changes in lifestyle.

 App that gives tips to control your boyfriend: We are sure that this is one app which many of us would want to have. Women could install the app on their boyfriends’ smartphones to get updates about all their activities. Of course, such an app would have to be hidden from the user himself. It should be able to send women location of their significant other and also have the functionality to suggest tips and tricks about relationship management