BlackBerry Messenger is now available for multiple platforms including Android,IOS and many more….

BlackBerry has completely changed the user interface of their messenger. The company will make BBM available for multiple platforms of mobile messaging solution all around the globe. Their main goal is to change the overall user experience of the app and make it more funny and user-friendly, reported by Mobile news promotion.

Sixty million active BBM users are sending and receiving more than ten million message a day. They enjoy the most powerful messaging community in the world. Finally, BlackBerry (BBM) has made it for Android.

Along with this, they are debuting more improvements about privacy and security settings. Users will find many overhauled services after updated the BlackBerry Messenger(BBM) app. Let’s discuss the features one by one.

First of all, the most interesting feature is number badges feature. It is really being helpful for unread message, can be seen without opening the app. Secondly, users can easily subscribe their favorite channels like games, videos, and shopping via BlackBerry Messenger.

This newly designed app also allows users to participate polling system and share their favorite brands reported by Android Headlines. A few days ago, the first major updated was mainly for iOS app and made the service more user-friendly. BlackBerry also revealed a new Chatbot API which helps channel owners to interact more efficiently with their subscriber.

Another feature, which was introduced by Google Analytic that it allows partners access to in-depth and accurate data. Recently, BlackBerry has a hard situation to compete with other social messaging services like iMessage and WhatsApp. This is the only reason, the company has introduced many new features like video call and voice call to keep them self up.

However, the Canadian tech reported that the number of users is increasing day by day. Due to this, their software has enjoyed a massive run. BlackBerry Messenger app is now available on Google Play store but only for Android users. The company promised, it will available to others platform as soon as possible.