BMW has officially stated at a conference in Berlin that their first fully autonomous car will be launched in 2021 with Level 3, 4, and 5 autonomy depending on where and how it will be used.

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From the looks of it, BMW must definitely be on track for development of the technology that goes into the working of these self-driving vehicles. Last year, the Bavarian company tied up with Intel and Mobileye to jointly develop such technologies whichwill formthe backbone for the advancement of their autonomous cars. This tech was showcased by the car maker through a 5 Series test car at the 2017 CES tech tradeshow in January.

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BMW claims that at Level 3 of autonomous driving, drivers can take their hands and eyes off the steering wheel and road. They also added that at Level 4, drivers can spend leisure time in the car as they can take their mind off the driving procedure too. So, what’s in store for us in Level 5? BMW stated that their Level 5 will not need a human in the car as the on-board system will take over all of the car’s functioning. Much like our Sci-Fi movies of today.

Let’s just say that BMW may need to revise their ‘ultimate driving machine’ or ‘sheer driving pleasure’ taglines by the time their autonomous fleet is out, since they will be more of ultimate passenger machines by then!

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