China is setting up secure communication that can never be hacked through the quantum satellite called ‘Micius’. On Friday, the Chinese Academy of Science President- Chunli Bai made a safe quantum video call with Anton Zeilinger the President of Austria Academy of Sciences. Bai was in Beijing while Zeilinger was in Vienna.

As per the Chinese Science Academy, the new communication is being tried to secure system of banks, government, insurance companies etc.

According to experts, the quantum communication might revolutionise how humans connect. Quatam messaging is safe and it cannot be hacked, say experts.

Reports suggest, in internet communication which includes e-mails- cryptography is used which relies mostly on mathematical functions.

On the other hand, single photons are used by the Quantum Key Distribution in quantum superposition to secure unlimited security between distant parties.

Also, some more tests will be carried out between someone in China and someone in other places like Russia, Italy or Germany.

The previous tests were not successful due to some technical glitches restricting the conversation to just hundred kilometres but to resolve the issue a sophisticated satellite called Micius was floated out.

The 600 kg satellite “Micius,” after the fifth century BC Chinese philosopher and scientist.