Google Maps and other similar applications have been a big help to travelers setting foot in new places or just getting around in their own city.

Gatwick Airport in London developed an app to help passengers navigate the United Kingdom’s second busiest airport and hopefully make it to their gate on time, reports TechCrunch.

The navigation system will employ around 2000 battery-powered beacons that will be detected by the augmented reality navigation app. Through this, it is hoped that mobile users will be guided to specific locations within the terminal by simply following the arrows.

Gatwick is also in discussions with airlines to adapt the system for their own services. One example would be to send passengers messages if they’re running late for their flight.

For concerns of privacy, Gatwick says that they will not be collecting any personal information through the beacon system. However, the beacons will be able to detect passenger density within the airport which is hoped would help improve operations.

If every major international airport could adapt this system, it should help keep travelers from getting lost while looking for a specific spot in a big, foreign place filled with hustling and bustling people.