In January 2017, German auto major BMW, Intel and Mobileye announced that a fleet of 40 autonomous vehicles would hit the road by the second half of 2017.

Now in an event in California, BMW and Intel kick-started the testing of BMW self-driving vehicles. The autonomous cars are built on the German automakers 7-Series platform. The car will also include technology from Mobileye.


The event was held at the Intel Autonomous Driving Garage in San Jose. Vice President, Intel Automated Driving Group, Kathy Winter unveiled the first BMW 7-Series highly automated car.

All the 40 cars are expected to hit the roads by the end of this year. The fleet of 40 highly autonomous vehicles will be equipped with Mobileye cameras for scanning the road.


As part of the collaboration, BMW will provide the driving controls and dynamics. The company is also responsible for the evaluation of safety, high-performance engine and production of prototypes.

Several automakers around the world are working on the self-driving technology. And with the entry of BMW to the arena, the autonomous technology will reach a whole new level.