Samsung got permission for testing self-driving cars: The South Korean Ministry of Land, Infrastructure, and Transport recently granted permission to Samsung to test self-driving cars. According to Reuters report, Samsung is first to enter the market with their self-driving cars.

Samsung did not announce when it is going to test its self-driving vehicles. It is going to join with 20 other companies to conduct self-driving tests in the country.

Samsung is not manufacturing the whole car. It invented the systems that make the vehicle autonomous. The company named Samsung kept its full efforts in developing the sensors, computing systems, AI (Artificial Intelligence), and other software for self-driving cars. It is trying to compete with Intel and Tesla. These companies work on developing back-end systems. Several companies self-driving cars are trying to compete with Samsung.

The self-driving car market provided a substantial opportunity for Samsung.The company Samsung is jumping and developing the autonomous system effectively.BI (Business Intelligence) declared about 2.4 millions of fully automated vehicles would enter the market between 2018 and 2025.They think the Samsung will get high-growth, and open in fast-moving space.

As the self-driving cars are new to the market,  it is attractive to the companies like Samsung, Intel, Tesla, etc. They are trying to get advantages from the new market with their autonomous system in self-driving cars. Samsung wants to build up the good market share through loyal customers and attractive partnerships. As Per BBC News

Samsung company is well known for its robust ecosystem. It is trying to extend this ecosystem and to present the main products of customers’ lives. Apple and Alphabet are also working on manufacturing of autonomous systems. Samsung is now working hard to distinguish itself from its competitors.

Cars are going to hit the road without the use of the driver with its new software updates.This autonomous revolution will bring the massive changes in the automotive sector.It helps in improving energy efficiency. People can travel in a car without spending their energy efficiency levels.