Google’s e-mail service Gmail is planning to offer a new level of sophisticated automatic response options in its apps for Android and iOS.

The Smart Reply function will provide users with a choice of three machine-generated responses, based on the content of the message they are replying to.

The service has been built using machine learning, and is designed for use with smartphones, so that people in a hurry can reply to messages quickly and easily.

The Internet giant announced the plans at its recent I/O developer conference in Mountain View, California.

 Google is already using the Smart Reply function in the apps Inbox by Gmail and Allo. The content of the received message is scanned, and several replies are displayed to users. These may then be selected and subsequently edited or extended.

Google says Smart Reply adapts to the style of users and changes its suggestions accordingly. The function will initially be available in English and then Spanish, with other languages to follow later.